Did “Pro-Cruz” hackers fudge Drudge poll? Poll not uploading for countless people

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As of 12AM Central Time, the Drudge Report post debate poll, the gold standard of online polling is facing severe outages, though the results show that Ted Cruz is winning, unlike every online poll.

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Many users have taken to twitter in outrage that they cannot vote for Trump, Kasich, or Rubio.
Oddly enough the results link works, showing Cruz and Trump neck and neck.


IT experts weigh in:

“It appears that somebody injected a malicious script into the third party source that Drudge relies on to calculate poll results. It wouldn’t effect Drudge’s website, but it may be a CPU issue with the Drudge poll.”

Many Cruz supporters are furious that Trump always wins online polls. Could this be a dirty trick?



CONFIRMED: Matt Drudge apologizes, Cruz spammers out of Delaware rigged the vote



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Share this story the media does not want you reading

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