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Insiders have suggested that John Kasich will no longer be playing Mr. Nice Guy.


After Ted Cruz captured the #2 position in the Michigan Primary, a state that many assumed Kasich would tie with Trump in, Kasich has grown dark, negative, and even angry. He may show some teeth and unsettle Cruz at the debate.

Insiders at the Kasich team revealed a loathing for Senator Cruz.

On his opponents:

I was thinking these proposals aren’t going to work out. I even said it would put my children deeper in debt. I have conservative solutions but you just can’t get that done. This deficit hangs over us, the national debt hangs over us, with slow economic growth. Yes, we need tax cuts to provide incentives for growth but also limiting spending. It’s like needing two wings on a two-wing plane. My top rate is 28 percent, the Reagan numbers, and I would bring the corporate rate down to 25. I’m still working on the other rates. But it will be in the narrative of a balanced budget. Some think corporate rate cuts will pay for themselves. We don’t believe that. I believe in dynamic scoring [to assess the impact of fiscal policies] but scoring that is reasonable. Growth, spending restraint, change, reform and innovation.

But I find that many voters, when I ask, “How many people in here think you can have a 10 percent flat tax?” they chuckle. It’s hard to know exactly what they’re thinking but I do believe when they look at the problem, they see it as a very big one in a system that has become dysfunctional. Where do we go, they ask? My job is to tell them how the problem can be addressed with a reform agenda. But we can do this. It is absolutely doable.


Kasich might go in for a Hail Mary to unsettle Cruz. If he does well tonight, he might get to be Trump’s VP.

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