Breaking: Chicago #BlackLivesMatter, student protesters just ensured election of President Trump

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This post was written by Jonathan Berlin

The Black Lives Matter protesters, Mexican flag wavers, and college students assembled in Chicago with an eerie similarity to the 1968 Democratic Convention, and essentially elected Donald Trump as the 45th Presidency.


Look to history. In society and politics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The years of college authoritarianism and black lives matter protests have left many in Middle America angry, and afraid, explaining the surging support of Donald Trump.

The 1960’s radical movement led to a reaction from working class Americans which ushered in the Reagan era.


The Hard Hat Riot of May 1970 has managed somehow to be both widely forgotten and universally remembered. The incident itself, in which rampaging New York construction workers beat up hippies and demanded that City Hall raise the American flag, is a piece of historical trivia; most Americans born after it have little inkling that it occurred, and even the people who were around at the time are likely to be hazy on the details. But the image of a pro-war worker in a hardhat punching a privileged protester is enshrined in our cultural memory. It’s what the late ’60s and early ’70s were supposed to look like: college kids who hated the Vietnam War and blue-collar patriots who loved the flag.


Trump has ridden the wave of discontent against Wall Street and the elite academia, which is best represented by the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter Protests. The same types were out in full force this evening.

On twitter, critics of Trump from the right wing, namely Ted Cruz supporters, have switched to Trump to spite the protesters.


TED CRUZ AND MARCO RUBIO RESPOND: They praise the protesters (LINK)

On Predictit, an internet campaign betting site, viewers replied:

  • Every Trump supporter who drove for hours – waited for hours in line to see Trump and get their event cancelled because of hundreds of protesters in the rally. Those people are pissed off and 100% going to show up and vote for Trump. This is going to fire up his people in Illinois more than his “speech” could possibly have done.

    Trump achieved his goal without even needing to show up.

    These Bernie morons played right into his hands.


Protesters violently assault Trump Supporters.


Voters now switching to Trump to promote “Law and Order” (LINK)


Many in protest crowd waving Mexican flag.  Blocking Highway.

This moment will live in history, as one person put it “5,000 screaming liberals just elected Trump.”


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