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Matt Drudge may be considered the most influential media personality in the United States. After hackers tried to rig his post debate poll and Cruz surrogates insulted the beloved newsman, Drudge appears to have had enough.

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Glenn Beck, a Cruz endorser, and owner of Drudge’s competitor, “THE BLAZE,” (which viewership and “hits” pale in comparison to Drudge) laid insults on Drudge, a man who Beck claims he once idolized.

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Beck said ever since Drudge started “hanging out with Alex Jones,” he’s gone to “this weird conspiratorial” place where he can’t even “trust any news coming from him anymore.”

Beck’s radio program apparently used to use the Drudge Report all the time, but now they don’t even bother. And Beck suspected that theDonald Trump campaign is behind the Drudge Rubio Photoshop.


Now Drudge is fighting back in his patented way:


Drudge is not pleased.

In addition, Matt Drudge’s news coverage is the “go to” for most in the United States. His web presence is admired by many.


Drudge’s political “endorsements,” if you can call them that, are usually game changers.


-full disclosure, the Prntly editor in chief is a Matt Drudge fanatic.

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