SHOCK: Protesters descend on Janesville WI this weekend to violently mob Trump rally, Gov Walker nowhere to be found


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Anti-Trump protesters are plotting another Arizona/Chicago like disturbance at the Trump event on Monday, March 29th in Janesville Wisconsin.






From the “EVENT” with 1.2K interested in attending:

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is planning on showing up in Janesville Wisconsin on Tuesday. Let’s come together and let him know we do not support him nor his hateful message – and make this the largest protest Janesville has ever seen!

We will not stand for hate, bigotry, and xenophobia in a presidential candidate, nor in our city! Spread the word, and let’s make a showing at this event like Chicago did!

Bring your friends, and protest signs!

This is a peaceful event. Violence will not be tolerated!

Please sign the petition to get this
event canceled
#makedonalddrumpfagain #stoptrump



Governor Walker, a former contender, does not appear to be doing much of anything to circumvent this.

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Share this story the media does not want you reading

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