SCANDAL: Wisconsin Gov. Walker silent on Monday’s planned violent anti-Trump protest, talks up 2020 campaign

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is silent on the planned protest Monday in Janesville, which appears to be linked to the same groups that protested Trump in Arizona and Illinois.

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Walker spend Easter talking about himself, and how he could be a nominee in a brokered convention, or in 2020 if Hillary wins:


The beautiful and intelligent Rebecca Berg reports on RCP:

As the Republican presidential primary shifts its focus to Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker is poised to re-enter the national spotlight, having suggested this week that he will soon offer his endorsement.

Walker said he would weigh in “after Easter, when it would have the maximum impact,” and hinted strongly that he favors Sen. Ted Cruz, who “is the only one who’s got a chance other than Donald Trump to win the nomination.”

“Probably in the next week or so we’ll, one, make a decision whether we’re going to endorse or not; then, secondly, specifically who we’re going to get behind,” Walker told radio host Charlie Sykes.

After a recent gathering in New York where Walker thanked some of his former presidential campaign donors, one attendee left with the impression that Walker intends to endorse early this week.

Such an endorsement would mark the two-term governor’s most high-profile moment since he ended his own presidential campaign last year amid low polling and fundraising woes. The fresh attention would not be unwanted: Indeed, he has been slowly but deliberately rebuilding his national brand since that failed spin on the national stage, with a noticeable uptick in networking, speeches and public appearances over the past few months.


Share this story the media does not want you reading

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