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Ted Cruz is at it again, begging for donations from his supporters (and non-Supporters) through emails, claiming that he is missing shortfalls and is under attack from Donald Trump.


Cruz’s campaign is currently losing steam in Wisconsin as more voters question his judgement.



Email Contents:

XXX, you must read this.

FIRST: The liberal elite media said we could never win, but we have won nine contests and are on the verge of securing the nomination.

NEXT: Donald Trump went on the attack, but we are now leading in multiple polls and neck-and-neck in key primary states like California.

NOW: There are only 48 hours left before the most important campaign finance deadline, and my campaign is coming up just short.

Joshua, today is the day I need you by my side.

In 48 hours, one of the biggest deadlines of my campaign is here. Will you send immediate help before it gets here?

If you step up in the next few hours, I will have the resources to fight these attacks, win the nomination, and defeat Hillary Clinton.

But without your help — Donald Trump will win — and he will surely be defeated by Hillary Clinton.

 I’m with Ted: $35 » 

 I’m with Ted: $50 » 

 I’m with Ted: $100 » 

 I’m with Ted: $250 » 

Thank you, XXX.

For liberty,
Ted Cruz

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