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Donald Trump spoke with RNC head Reince Priebus today to discuss party unity, and his, along with Senator Cruz, and Governor Kasich’s shredding of the GOP loyalty oath as the primary hits a more contentious level.



Donald Trump made a surprise visit to the headquarters of the Republican National Committee in Washington on Thursday, where he met with party chairman Reince Priebus.

It was not immediately clear what the two talked about or who requested the sitdown, but Trump later tweeted that it was a “very nice meeting.” “Looking forward to bringing the party together,” the Republican presidential hopeful wrote. “And it will happen!”

Trump was in Washington for a meeting with campaign advisers, including his foreign policy team. Word of Trump’s meeting with the RNC was first reported by Politico.

Trump’s relationship with the Republican Party has been somewhat rocky.

Shortly after Trump launched his presidential campaign in June with a series of controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, Priebus reportedly urged Trump to “tone it down” in a phone call. Trump subsequently disputed those claims. The pair spoke in September when Priebus visited Trump Tower. At that meeting, Priebus got Trump to sign a loyalty pledge wherein he promised to support the party’s nominee if he loses the primary. In return, Trump said he received assurances the party would treat him fairly.

Priebus is likely working to get Cruz and Kasich to behave.

“The meeting is to help the RNC,” he said on MSNBC.

The billionaire businessman was in Washington for an announced gathering of his newly established foreign policy team. A source who attended said the group discussed threats from Islamic State militants, nuclear proliferation, homeland security assessments and European security levels.

Trump’s campaign also announced it was setting up a Washington office to run its convention and delegate operations and work with the RNC and Congress.

The campaign has been busy trying to dig out from under an avalanche of criticism over his comment that women should face punishment for getting an abortion if the procedure was outlawed, although he quickly reversed his stance.

Trump, leading in the race to win the Republican nomination for the Nov. 8 presidential election, pulled back from his initial comments within an hour, first issuing a statement that U.S. states should handle abortion issues and later saying doctors who perform abortions are the ones who should be held responsible.


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