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Burlington, Canada- Free healthcare is getting a lot of talks in the United States with Senator Bernie Sanders running for President on the Democratic line. Sanders hails countries like Denmark’s healthcare which by Dane’s standards of phones calls required when there’s a medical emergency where a by phone “doctor” determines if you really do need to go to the emergency room or not is horrible (hundreds of people die every year in Denmark due to their healthcare system who otherwise would of lived if they were in the United States), or England’s, where a Director of their free healthcare died waiting 9 months for a stomach surgery postponed 4 times, which in fact was being done to FIX a botched stomach surgery already done.


So now there’s another horrible story out of Canada. an 18 year old girl named Laura Hillier has died after waiting for a bone marrow transplant after battling and defeating cancer for 4 years. Imagine that. A 14 year old girl develops cancer, and fights it for 4 years, being cancer free by 18. Her body still required the bone marrow transplant though, and there was a donor ready and willing to help Laura.  Hospital staff however told her they had up to 30 patients with potential donors, but were capped at only 5 surgeries a month.

‘It is crazy to have to be on a wait-list when you have a donor and you are ready to go,’ Laura told in July of 2015.

Putting off the surgery meant Laura had to endure her fifth round of painstaking chemotherapy.

After her death in January, her obituary slammed Canada’s bed shortage as having ‘deadly wait times’:


At the funeral the crowds that turned out were so large the family had to ask some people to stand outside. The out pour of support has energized Canadians to a problem that is actually very common. If not for facebook and the victim being an 18 year old girl, dozens would still be dying in Canada without any public awareness to the national crisis, waiting for health commodities that we in the United States take for granted way too often.

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