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Glenn Beck may have hitched his wagon to the wrong train, specifically a Texas Senator who broke down on the corn fields of Wisconsin.


With Ted Cruz’s poll numbers slipping to third place, Glenn has a lot of egg on his face. After claiming Justice Scalia was killed by God to show the US people how important Cruz was, and comparing Trump supporters to Nazis, Beck’s program audience shrunk to a paltry size: essentially those who like Ted Cruz.

Now that Ted is going under in the polls, with a recent FOX poll showing him tied for 3rd, Beck’s empire is collapsing like a house of cards.
Beck’s “Flagship” and income source, “THE BLAZE” website is dropping readership rapidly.



Feds kick Beck off the Air: banned over Trump Threat, #neverTrump dies



Malware concerns:


It turns out Glenn Beck has been spreading around something vile other than his horrible opinions. No, it’s not herpes (probably). Security firm Invinceareports that on July 1, Beck’s site The Blaze unintentionally transmitted malware through embedded advertising to many of his subscribers.

Invincea says that on July 1 and possibly on other dates, one of The Blaze’sadvertisers deliberately redirected users to a “Polish recipe website” that provided a lot more than pierogi ingredients. Unwary readers were affected with a drive-by exploit called Kazy or Kryptik, trojans that open holes in security software to give hackers access to unsuspecting users’ personal information.


Top execs leave the Blaze, Beck stuck with boring yes men: 


Kerry was also responsible for leading vendor negotiations, regarding media related services. He even interfaced with CNN Headline News & Fox News teams in collaboration of The Glenn Beck TV show.

Now, Joseph Kerry is no longer associated with TheBlaze, and is instead a partner with Littlecloud Ventures, which is a marketing consulting firm.

Earlier, Chris Balfe, who was Beck’s CEO, and Joel Cheatwood, who was president and chief content officer, also left TheBlaze. Both were responsible for assisting Beck with launching TheBlaze TV.

According CNN, the two men are building a digital media company, in which they will serve are partners.



Now the ratings are dropping like a stone: 

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