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Hillary Clinton, a continuation of Barack Obama’s policies? Perhaps, and that is bad news for African Americans.



In November of 2008, the black unemployment rate was just over 11%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since then black unemployment has risen to over 17% in some cases, and is climbing. Unfortunately, those numbers do not reflect blacks who have returned to work for part time hours, have simply given up on looking for a job or those who are working but are significantly under-employed. Most studies estimate that actual black unemployment is over 40%, with devastating numbers in the 50’s among black youth. Having a black president has nothing to do with these numbers, having a failed president does.


Our inner cities have been hit the hardest, it’s no wonder why plunder in Ferguson, Baltimore and other highly populated black communities has become more attractive over the last 7 years. Job participation amongst blacks since President Obama took office has been even bleaker than that of his predecessor and high unemployment levels have only furthered racial divides.


Hillary Clintons only answer is to “break down barriers”, which frankly has nothing to do with economic growth, unless she’s talking about rescinding harmful regulations on businesses, I’ll venture to say, it’s the total opposite. Secretary Clinton also subscribes to the idea of raising the minimum wage, as if it would actually help.

Donald Trump understands that when the government tries to force businesses to raise their wages, we hurt the most vulnerable economic actors; our youth, minorities, and seniors.

Donald Trump is a proven job creator and understands how to jump start our economy.

He recognizes that our anti poverty programs, (which we’ve spent 22 trillion on since President LBJ) will never take the place of a good paying job.

His tax plan will bring jobs back from other countries and reduce the burden on families struggling to make ends meet.

He will renegotiate our trade deals and ensure other countries are not ripping off the American taxpayer.

He’ll rescind harmful regulations on small businesses, like those in Ferguson, allowing for a more diverse market driven economy to take hold.

President Obama’s failure to help those most in need, will not only leave a permanent scar on American blacks, it will have grave political implications as well. Hillary is Obama 2.0. Trump represents something different, he’s a man who actually understands the economy and what it will take to Make America Great Again.

Adam D Brown
New Jersey For Trump

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