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Man, does it feel good to watch Lyin’ Ted burn.

I have developed a visceral disgust for Rafael Cruz. It’s the unique kind of irreversible revulsion that only comes after a betrayal of trust, one that grows in its intensity each time you hear the offender’s voice or see their face.

In 2013, I discovered Cruz, as his star was rising hot and bright within Tea Party circles. The freshman senator was quickly becoming a folk hero of sorts, lauded for his knowledge of the Constitution, and for going toe-to-toe with the Establishment on a regular basis. I was outspoken about my admiration for Cruz, which of course drew incensed backlash from snarky liberal friends who, regardless of their age, struggle with the concept of restraining themselves in the interest of mutual amicability – especially on social media. I went to bat for Cruz, defending his honor against nitwits who are ideologically perverse enough to carry the torch for Barack Hussein Obama or Bernie Sandernista. My resolve to stick up for poor Ted and his flock was steeled.

Cruz was the first Republican to announce his entrance into the 2016 race. He buttered us all up with the heartwarming tale that his darling wife, Heidi, had lovingly given her blessing to cash in their retirement savings so Ted could afford to run for president (which turned out to be misleading.) My own wife gave her blessing when I proposed we donate to the Cruz campaign – which I nearly did on Day 1, but a little voice from my gut told me to hold off.

Cruz’s Message to Wall Street: Help Me

After the GOP field expanded to 17 candidates, I was excited to watch the progress of Rand Paul, Donald Trump, and Cruz. I felt, definitively, that the rest were either Establishment decoys, distractions, or unelectable duds. Deep down, I also knew that Paul and Cruz were unelectable up against the KKKlinton Machine, but I believed them to be principled men, thus deserving of generous support. I openly stated that any one of the three would make a fine, honorable president in comparison with the alternatives, and I maintained that contention long after Rand burned out with a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and poor campaign decisions.

But there were some things that continuously nagged me about Cruz, which I laid out in detail in my December 2015 piece ‘Vetting Ted Cruz.’ What’s the whole story surrounding his wife’s prestigious positions with the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), Citibank, and Goldman-Sachs? Why did she actively participate in advancing the ‘North American Union’ agenda and write glowingly in favor of it? Why are the Cruzes so proud of being considered the ‘first Bush marriage?’ Why are his closest advisors Bush-era neocons and CFR operatives? Why did hesupport fast-track authority (TPA), gifting Obama virtually unchallenged ability to circumvent Congress in signing transformational international ‘trade’ deals? What kind of message was Cruz hoping to send when he and Glenn Beck were handing out soccer balls and teddy bears to illegal aliens at the southern ‘border?’ Where does Cruz REALLY standon immigration? His actions speak louder than his smoky politician’s rhetoric…

Roger Stone: Ted Cruz, a Bush By Another Name

Even before the the Iowa caucus rolled around, I had already removed myself from the Cruz email list. The incessant, often pathetic pleas for money were grating. Why does a negative cartoon in the Washington Post about Cruz’s children, whom he shamelessly puts on display whenever advantageous, warrant desperate panhandling for contributions? Then his campaign mailed those Orwellian ‘voter violation’ notices to shame targeted Iowans, followed by that incredibly nasty burn on Ben Carson involving CNN… According to the National Enquirer, one of Honest Ted’s mistresses was Amanda Carpenter, a reporter for CNN – a claim which attorney Mike Cernovich at Danger and Playhas substantiated with very convincing evidence. The things that make you go ‘hmmm.’

And while we are on the topic of the Cuban Mistress Crisis – where’s the lawsuit? I thought Suin’ Ted was one of the brightest, most capable litigators in the country? Why hasn’t he gone all ‘Hulk Hogan’ on theEnquirer? His devious lawyerly persona was never more on display than when Cruz couldn’t even categorically state, for the record, that he had never be unfaithful to his wife. And then Mama Carly had to step in to protect Little Ted from the big bad reporters to earn her $500,000 payday… *cringe* If a guy can’t defend his family’s honor against a gossip rag, how could we expect him to safeguard our nation and its interests – unless, of course, there is no basis for his defense.

As Donald Trump continues to rack up endorsements from big-name conservative mavericks and immigration patriots like Phyllis Schlafly, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Ben Carson, and even the National Border Patrol Council (their first-ever official endorsement), Cruz’s barely trickle in. He now boasts about being backed by the very Establishment snakes to whom he pretends to be opposed – ‘Low Energy’ Jeb Bush, Lindsey Grahamnesty (who once joked about murdering Cruz), Nikki Haley. He has become a second or third fallback plan for fellow politicians who no longer have Marco Rubio or Jeb! to suck up to. Indiana governor, Mike Pence, began his recent lukewarm endorsement of Cruz by stating, “I want to particularly commend Donald Trump.”

Senator Jeff Sessions, whose track record Cruz seems to have attempted to hide his own behind in the past, has dedicated himself to getting Trump elected. Ron Paul has torn Cruz to shreds, equating him to Hillary Clinton due to his direct ties with Goldman-Sachs. The John Birch Society has coined Heidi Cruz as the potential “First Lady of the North American Union.” Jan Morgan, a high profile Second Amendment advocate, made waves when she publicly revoked her endorsement of Cruz and proudly boarded the Trump Train.

When thousands of violent, George Soros-backedstreet radicals swarmed a Chicago Trump rally, assaulting his supporters and causing the event to be canceled, Cruz – the ‘constitutional expert’ – sided with the law-breaking anarchists and EneMedia, blaming the savagery on Trump. He put his own agenda ahead of the First Amendment. When Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was falsely accused of assault by professional victim and sociopath, Michelle Fields, Cruz called for Lewandowski’s immediate firing. The charges against Lewandowski were later dropped, and all sane adults (even Piers Morgan) who reviewed video of the incident agreed that it was an egregious abuse of the law and ultimately a hoax. Cruz again chose his agenda over due process.

America’s accumulating distaste for Cruz has been a snowball effect. Each time he does something cheap, we throw it on the pile. Every time he tells a lie or inverts the truth, we log it in our minds. A pattern has revealed itself: Ted has a problem with the truth. If we had just treated him like any other politician, it wouldn’t be surprising. But he sells himself as a devout Christian conservative, happy to wave a Bible around and channel his inner televangelist. Ted’s just been slicker with his perjury than most, and now the ruse is up.

It is now a regular occurrence that Cruz gets slaughtered by overwhelmingly-popular comments on his social media posts – especially since the delegate shenanigans in Colorado and other states. ‘Party rules’ are an excuse one might expect to hear in China or North Korea as a reason for not getting to vote, but if Cruz was truly an honorable man, he would have disavowed the Colorado results and requested that the one million disenfranchised GOP voters and military service people get their fair shot to choose a candidate. It has since been admitted by GOP officials that Cruz’s voteless clean sweep of 34 delegates was the result of many ‘errors’ and the that a do-over may be required. I’m not holding my breath.

Cruz Facebook Comments

We can thank Cruz for one thing: he has done an excellent job of dragging the hegemonic Republican media down with him. Mark Levin, Glenn Beck,National Review and their ilk are currently a-‘Blaze’ together in the Ivory Tower of Conservative Ideology. Many of these characters have been revealed as little more than opportunists and ladder-climbers, happy to sell their souls to the well-funded ‘#NeverTrump’ overlords, like the two-timing Koch Brothers and the Chamber of Commerce. They’re hemorrhaging money, fans, and influence – and growing increasingly pugnacious and bitter in the process.

GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson To Attack Trump

The Popes and Princes of True Conservativism have turned their ideology into a religion, which is ironic given that many of them feel it’s perfectly appropriate to question Christians about their faith if they don’t support Cruz – or worse, if they support Trump – HERESY! They piously fire off comments like, ‘Well then you’re not a TRUE conservative,’ and‘No REAL Christian can support Trump.’ This is soft-core witch hunting if you ask me, and I’ll have no part of it.

Ex-Cruzette Kristin Tate perfectly summed up how many have felt watching Ted morph from principled champion of the people into ‘Lyin’ Ted’ over the course of the 2016 race.

“I think that he should pull out of this race. I think the reason people loved Cruz before this election was because he was this ‘grassroots guy.’ Everyone in D.C. hated him because he was always going against the grain. He was really for the people… I’m so disappointed with how he’s been acting throughout this process. My opinion of him has definitely changed. I think this will hurt his career, what he’s doing here – these’s political back-deals, the whole thing with Kasich and this deal they made. It totally blew up in their faces and this is tarnishing Ted Cruz’s whole likability that he had before… He’s now aligned with the GOP Establishment and the voters clearly don’t want the GOP Establishment.” – Kristin Tate

Cruz’s recent appearances on Fox News have become increasingly uncomfortable, exhibiting a frantic, combative candidate who is clearly running out of time and living in denial – a toxic brew. The future of his political aspirations may indeed be on the line at this point. A recent poll conducted by Dennis Michael Lynch asks, “Has Ted Cruz ruined his career with his performance over the past few months?” 95% of respondents said “Yes.”

Finally, here’s the major issue at hand: Calgary-born Rafael Cruz is most likely ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States. Cruzers readily gobble up his own assertion that he is Constitutionally cleared, but it is quite apparent that he probably is not. Stephen Pidgeon, lead counsel at the North American Law Center, has produced compelling evidence that not only does Cruz’s lack of proper documentation most likely disqualify him from being POTUS – he may actually not be U.S. citizen at all, and may even be illegally serving as a senator. Rather than me trying to explain this all in satisfactory terms, I will leave it to Bill Still of the Still Report, who has done so in concise and cogent fashion.

I believe Cruz may be one of the most meticulously-camouflaged Establishment Decepticons in the history of American politics. He has hoodwinked intelligent, patriotic conservatives and Christians on a scale that makes Obama’s con of his simple-minded prey look like a beta test. The few remaining Cruz-Bots have exposed themselves as being as fanatically tethered to doctrinal purism and their false prophet as leftists have been to Obama and progressive socialism. Commonalities between Obama and Cruz are numerous: both passed through Harvard Law School and held prestigious positions at the Harvard Law Review, both launched presidential campaigns shortly after entering the senate, and both have highly questionable citizenship statuses which remain in question because both have had their records sealed.

After all the cheap stunts, dishonesty, and blatant disregard for the will of the people, the implosion of this seedy lawyer from Alberta, Canada, is welcomed and relished. Now, if only he would abide by his own demands of new partner-in-crime, John Kasich, and drop out of this race once and for all.


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