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This  Vice President of the United States once said that Hillary Clinton would make a terrific President, and she is more than qualified. He’s now since changed his mind, instead preferring Donald Trump’s fresh ideas.


Former Vice President Dan Quayle has officially spoken about Donald Trump — the issue of our time.

“The party has to unite around him,” Quayle told CNN in an interview set to air Thursday, while also acknowledging that “holdouts” would still be prevalent. “But by and large, I think the party will rally around him.”

“I totally misjudged his ability to win. But for somebody that has really no experience in politics to be able to start off and to win with a strong field and not even go to the convention — that he is the presumptive nominee a month before we have our final primaries — is quite remarkable,” Quayle continued. “He’s a winner so I’m sure he’ll figure it out.”

Indeed, Trump’s political rise is as impressive as it gets. However, the citizens of the United States are ready for a president who has proactively built something in and with their life — and Trump has built alot of things.

On Thursday, in a separate interview with NBC’s “Today,” Quayle also took a shot at presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton: “(Trump is) more qualified in the sense that the American people, I think, want an outsider. And they want an outsider this time. She’s not an outsider, so if you’re looking for an outsider, no, she’s not qualified, and he is.”

Quayle was also optimistic that Speaker Paul Ryan’s apprehension to Trump’s “divisive” message would eventually subside and he’ll come around with a full endorsement.

“Paul Ryan, in my view, will support our nominee. There’s very little doubt in my mind,” Quayle said. “He’s a team player.”

Being a former VP, Quayle also decided to pitch in on the talk surrounding who Trump might choose ashis running mate.

“Rob Portman, to me, would be an excellent vice president and somebody that should be seriously considered. He’s got all the credentials,” he said, referring to the Republican senator from Ohio. “He knows government. And he would be a good partner for Donald Trump.”

Quayle will be another big endorsement for the presumptive nominee — there’s no telling who could be next.

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