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Hillary Clinton’s campaign woes are growing by the day. Now a new viral video that keeps getting deleted is skyrocketing on facebook, twitter, and youtube.


Hillary is a pretty rotten woman…at this point, it almost feels like you can not only hear, but FEEL it in just her voice. I mean, does anyone else think the same? Anyhow, the woman is vile and here is another shocking release…that she’s not going to be too fond of, that shows it.

From GOP The Daily Dose:

This viral video has over 4 million views. It pulls together clip after clip of the Democratic presidential candidate speaking out directly against the same people she wants to vote for her.

This is a list of people who should not vote for Hillary Clinton and the video to prove why they shouldn’t:

Homosexuals, African Americas, young people, people who don’t support killing fully formed fetuses, people who don’t like short-tempered people, people who don’t want any trouble with Russia, people who like honesty, people who want transparency, and people who want peace.

Hillary for president…. NO. Hillary for…HELL NO.

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