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After losing Indiana, Cruz dropped out, but he hinted that he may be in the hunt in Nebraska. Now even Red State, a Pro-Cruz site, crows about Cruz staying in the hunt:

While Donald Trump dispatches three advisers to Texas’s convention in Dallas this week and makes a pitch for party unity, his team will be running up against a Cruz operation that is still maneuvering to stuff the state’s delegation with allies the senator could call on to snub the presumptive nominee.

“We have a busy weekend planned,” said a source familiar with the Cruz campaign’s plans.


In Nebraska, where Trump – running unopposed this week – still lost 40 percent of the vote, Cruz’s campaign chairman, state Sen. John Murante, told POLITICO that there’s still an element of hardcore support for Cruz among the state’s GOP leaders.

“There will be a time to unite behind the Republican nominee. The general election is light years away,” he said, noting that he may not decide whether to support Trump until October.





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