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Gary Johnson, the so called Libertarian, and former New Mexico Governor has won the libertarian nomination. Sadly for Libertarians and “#neverTrump” activists, Gary Johnson is yet another Clintonite, pro-Globalism, pro-NAFTA, pro-marijuana.


Washington Times:

Not all Libertarians are on board with former Republican Govs. Gary Johnson and William Weld running together on the party’s presidential ticket.

Mr. Johnson was booed by delegates at the Libertarian Party convention Friday during a preliminary debate after he described Mr. Weld’s candidacy as “beyond my wildest dreams” and called the former Massachusetts governor “the original Libertarian.”

Mr. Johnson’s comments came after Austin Petersen, a consultant who’s also running for the party’s presidential nomination, criticized Mr. Weldfor endorsing Republican Mitt Romney in 2012 instead of Mr. Johnson, who was the Libertarian presidential candidate.

“Why didn’t your VP pick endorse you?” asked Mr. Petersen — who hascalled on delegates to stop nominating “failed Republicans” — at the nominating convention in Orlando, Florida.

Mr. Weld threw his hat into the Libertarian contest for vice president a week ago. The party is scheduled to select its presidential and vice presidential nominees Sunday in separate votes.

Since entering the race, however, Mr. Weld has been blasted by Libertarians such as cyber-security entrepreneur John McAfee — who’s also seeking the party’s presidential nod — for his less-than-libertarian stances on issues such as gun rights.



While Mr. Johnson’s nomination was all but assured, much less certain was whether the delegation would warm up to Mr. Weld, who joined the party two weeks ago and had been denounced by critics as “Libertarian lite.”

After squeaking onto the ticket with 50.8 percent on the second ballot, Mr. Weld assured the crowd that he would adhere to Libertarian principles while running a race that he said would appeal to both Republican and Democratic voters unhappy with their parties’ nominees.



Bill Weld is a Bill Milliken-style Republican (which is to say, not really a Republican) who endorsed Obama in 2008.



Any thoughts on how this may affect the general election? Weld is basically a morally bankrupt, baby-wacking gun-grabber by the way. As the old saying goes, a Libertarian is someone that supports legalizing prostitution and drugs, until his daughter starts turning tricks to buy crack. Heh.

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