This post was written by Connor Balough

Social media was rampant with eulogies to a dead gorilla. The gorilla caught on video yanking a 3 year old boy across a pool of water violently who had fallen into the enclosure wS memorialized on memorial day more than anyone else deceased in American  history by young Americans.

The “gimme” generation of Bernie has proven why they suck so bad. They would rather honor a dead gorilla who they claimed was “wrongfully killed” like it was an African American victim of gun violence shot by police being honored by SJWs. It’s almost as if death is a big joke to them and while not wallowing in self induced poverty caused by their cigarette, IPA and weed habits they’re looking for feel good political policies  and made up social issues to whine and troll over.

Yesterday in my opinion though was too far. Out of the millions of dead Americans in our histories wars, they picked a gorilla to commemorate. Lastly, if the zoo keepers fired tranquilizers to sedate the gorilla or tried to reason with the gorilla and the gorilla ripped the child’s arm off, what would they be saying then? That keeping the gorilla alive was more important than preserving a black baby’s life?

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