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After a 3 year old black baby in a Cincinnati zoo fell into a gorilla enclosure and had his arm ripped out of his socket by a 17 year old male silverback gorilla, zoo keepers are being criticized for not doing more to prevent the incident from happening and deeming the valuable and extremely rare silverback gorilla as more important than that of the black baby’s.

For nearly ten minutes the gorilla dragged the boy by the arm through the water in the enclosure, at times hiding the boy behind him to keep zoo officials from getting near. Attempts to distract the gorilla with fruit were not met positively ad the gorilla violently yanked the boy across the enclosure. Instead of shooting the gorilla, with a tactical zoo response team on site for the remaining five minutes leading up to the incident, zoo officials continued to attempt to get the boy from the gorilla so as to spare killing the valuable zoo exhibit.

Black lives matter members are calling on criminal prosecution to be considered against zoo officials for what happened next. As a last resort to peacefully get the boy away from the gorilla, a trained zoo employee fired two tranquilizer darts at the gorilla. The gorilla then yanked the boy so hard to get away that the arm of the child came out of it’s socket, amputating the child.

Finally then did zoo officials manage to get the Boy, albeit one arm,  away from the gorilla.

“If that was a white child, you know they would of shot that gorilla first and asked questions later.” Said Tamika Thomas of the Cincinnati black lives matter movement.

” It was horrible. The gorilla was just dragging the kid all over the place for ten minutes. They had a zoo team here with guns aimed at the gorilla. The guy with the rifle kept talking into this radio asking for permission to take the gorilla out but who ever was in charge wouldn’t give the order. He kept saying ‘we have to prevent the gorilla from bring hurt. We have to preserve the gorilla’s life.’ now look what happened. Is a black baby’s life not as important? The gorilla was using the boy as a play thing.”

Zoo officials defended the decision, saying that they do whatever they can to ensure that neither animals nor people’s lives are put at risk. In this case, zoo officials said, it could of been much worse and people should just be thankful both the gorilla and the boy are alive.

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