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Shepherd Smith is under a lot of fire today, as countless citizens demand the day time news reporter be fired for his hateful, divisive, and nasty rhetoric in the wake of the Baton Rogue shootings.









painterly222 – Why is the phrase “All lives Matter” so confusing to people?  Maybe a more appropriate title would be “Cops’ Lives Matter as Much as The Lives of Black People Who Seem To Think There’s Nothing Wrong With Attacking Cops, Resisting Arrest, and Pulling a Gun Out When Asked for License and Registration, So Please Stop Being Stupid and then Crying Racism When You End Up Getting Yourself Shot By a Cop Who Is Just Doing Their Job”.
If you are an advocate for secular collectivism and support a divisive society based on political correctness and conformity to a liberal ideology like Shep Smith, you are my enemy and I will treat you as such in the civil arena as well as on the arena of conflict. That’s not a threat. That’s a fact.

Jindal gets it about being colorblind, that that’s the answer. We can all succeed at becoming colorblind; I did it, and it just takes a little effort. But those that make no effort at all, they rationalize that it can’t be done — that colorblindness isn’t achievable — that Martin Luther King’s Dream is not achievable… but it is achievable.
Trajan Morgan

Shepherd Smith got arrested once for hitting a girl. That speaks volumes. Google it if you don’t believe me to see his booking photo.

What the HELL is Shep’s problem? What is he WHINING about?
Trajan Morgan

This idiot Shepherd Smith needs to be fired. He’s a fool. #AllLivesMatter nothing wrong with it and it’s true. #BlackLivesMatter is racist. Political correctness has warped the sick mind of Shepherd even more. And if nutcases in America are “offended” by #AllLivesMatter then they can go to hell. Don’t care if you’re offended because people like you and Shepherd Smith offend me.

OK Shep I’ll say it for you. Black live matter killed some cops. Get it ? ALL LIVES MATTER Shep. Are you some kind of idiot or something ? Saying something that someone thinks is derogatory doesn’t mean that it is.

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