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It was 6:30pm on a Sunday at the Hillary headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. And Hillary supporter Ethel received a call on the donor hotline.

“I was excited because we don’t really get too many calls asking to donate. They’re mostly from bigger donors at private functions or through the website.”

The young man on the other end of the call started off nice. He said he was a Bernie supporter and it was his first time interested in politics and that he would be voting this year. Ethel asked him if he’d like to donate.

“Actually I’d like my $129 back I donated to Bernie.”

Ethel wasn’t sure how to respond, so she began telling him that wasn’t possible. When asked why he said he was voting, he remarked “I am voting. For Jill Stein. But I’d like my money back. I need my money more than Hillary needs the billions donated to her from Goldman Sachs. So please give it to me.”

The call went on for ten minutes before Ethel finally had enough. She hung up the phone, but would get 3 more calls that evening all from Bernie supporters asking for their donations back.

A paid staff member of the Hillary campaign who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution for speaking to the press, told Prntly journalists this.

“The problem is that it’s time consuming. Bernie supporters nail down our volunteers for twenty minutes, with our campaign thinking we’re making progress in outreach and re-educating Bernie supporters, who were honestly a bit brainwashed by Sanders, and then they pop these questions that demoralize our staff and wasted a whole half hour for nothing.

“Our staff and volunteers are trained to just immediately move on when confronting a voter that’s just trolling. Time is the most valuable asset in a campaign. But then these kids wait a whole half hour to forty minutes before popping the question. There should be some sort of law against it.”

Will the wasteful pranks stop? Only time will tell.

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