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Ted Cruz’s disastrous RNC speech and political fallout have all but ended his political career.


But now reports are showing that Rick Perry, three term Governor of Texas, may be considering throwing his cowboy hat in to primary Ted Cruz in Texas.


Perry and conservatives are outraged at Ted, who has done nothing in the Senate aside from advancing his failed Presidential campaign.

He continued that anyone who does not want to sign on to help Trump is helping presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s race for the White House.

“You’re putting someone who’s going to be [Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader] Ginsburg’s clone on the Supreme Court,” Perry said. “Go explain that to your conservative friends.”

Perry noted that he also did not become the nominee, and that Donald Trump defeated several other candidates to get the nod.

“If you don’t want to support him that’s your call, but this country is way more important than any one individual,” said the former governor. “I don’t get it.”
Do you stand with Perry?

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