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FARC-ELN guerrilla fighters will receive almost the minimum salary for two years, plus 2 million of Colombian pesos for leaving their past behind, and 10 seats in the Congress.

The final agreement between the Colombian Government and the FARC-ELN peace delegations includes a series of subsidies to help reinsert guerrilla fighters as productive members of Colombian society, as well as incentive them to put their weapons aside and so end the bilateral conflict.

According to the document, in the End of Conflict point, during the first 60 days after the agreement becomes valid, a socio-economic census will take place. This census will be carried out by the Universidad Nacional (National University) among the FARC-ELN members, to assess the needs of these soon to be regular members of the population.

When they leave these communities, guerrilla fighters willing to become civilians will receive an amount of $2,000,000.00 COP (Colombian pesos) corresponding to a “unique payment for leaving normalization areas.” After that, and for 24 months, they will receive the equivalent to 90% of the monthly minimum wage if they are not employed, plus social security expenses. This equals roughly $620,000.00 COP per month.

In addition, those who want to start a productive project, whether individually or collectively, will be able to get a subsidy of $8,000,000.00 COP as starting capital.

What does this all mean?

It apparently means that killing, raping, blackmailing, recruiting children to be soldiers, exporting cocaine and any other felony you can imagine, can be forgiven in Colombia. In fact, it’s such a good business that the people who did all of those things don’t even have to spend a day in jail and they will even get paid.

Whereas Colombian citizens, those who wake up early every morning and work up to 12 hours per day but don’t even get a bonus or a tax break, have to pay for those subsidies. The good citizens that have suffered at the hands of these monsters have to pay taxes so that the Government can pay subsidies and “help” these terrorists.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’re rewarding them with seats in the Congress, so they can take their skewered views into politics.

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