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A young female, and social media starlet isn’t voting for Hillary, and Democrats are outraged that she’s leaving their “base.”

After posting a viral video on Clinton’s corruption, which has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of her fans, liberals have been visiting the site, and they’re saying the worst things you could imagine about her.

Rape, violence, racism, and sexual slurs show that Hillary’s fans are the true bigots.


Watch her video and see for yourself

Of course Liberals hate the poor woman:


Read the article exposing Hillary’s Racist TiesUntitled


Saved on Prntly as the shamed commenters are forced to take the statements down after outrage:


White Trash? Hmm…


Christy Wright, an obese liberal says:


Julia Woolum Wow, she just really has a way of articulating politics. I would pay her to give my husband blow jobs!

Krista Sweeny, who is listed as “Unemployed” gives her analysis:

Cyndy Cooper This bitch dizzy af. How can you all stomach the fuckery that comes out of her mouth? Tf is wrong smh

Dusty Dillard who studied “barber” at “none ya business” explains

Cheyenne Kendrix Basically you’re saying a woman shouldn’t be president ? Smh ?


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John Mullen

John Mullen This chick is an idiot… Hot, but no basis for any argument against Hillary…

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