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August 27th
After facing allegations of anti-Trump bias, which was proven by the Breitbart editorial staff, Mark Zuckerberg has fired every single one of his news curators, and a team of boffins are now focusing on making sure duplicate hashtags do not surface.

Now without the news “curation” staff, conservative topics, especially pro-Trump hashtags, are the dominating force in all Facebook user’s newsfeed.

Still much remains in “non bias” thought:

Breitbart explains:

Suspended pages and accounts include Islam critic Pamela Geller (who is currently suing the company), gun store owners, immigration hawks, popular anti-SJW pages, and pages mocking Hillary Clinton. Many of these users and pages were reinstated following coverage from Breitbart Tech and other outlets, but their initial, inexplicable suspensions continue to raise questions about bias at the company. Earlier this month, a group of popular comedy pages staged a revolt against Facebook’s track record of censorship.


It appears that day 1, Robert Byrd, the racist senator who was Clinton’s mentor is the top trending topic, followed by Herman Cain’s denunciation of Clinton, followed by a story about life on another planet from Nasa.



Will this “TREND” keep up?



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