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August 27th-

With the media claiming Trump is toast, and Hillary is now the new President, a new poll by Reuters/IPSOS has Trump up a jaw dropping 14% in New Hampshire, and that isn’t a typo.


Clinton has spent $4,000,000 in ad money there and it appears to have been worthless



In fact, if you consider where Hillary was before her ad buys in June, she has lost 12% of the vote from her high of 46%.



Remember, Trump won the Primary in a landslide, as did her opponent Bernie Sanders.



If you do the math, considering the turnout of 2012 and how much 12% truly is, Hillary’s ads have wasted her $139 per voter in the state. She may have been better off just mailing each voter a check for that amount.


Nate Silver’s 538 Blog shows Trump is now the easy front runner in tiny New Hampshire



Reuters Polling (LINK)



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