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Hillary Clinton has adopted the Bernie platform of having some type of “free” college, meaning tax payers have to oay for college education. As if paying for high school education hasnt entitled children enough, and instead of returning the free market and removing govt. Students Loans that have promoted schools and universities to skyrocket tuition costs, Hillary’s solution is yet another tax payer funded failure. (don’t cite Europe where every single European country’s millennial unemployment is two to three times ours and kids either live at their parents or are in “school” until they’re 30).
Well here is a picture of just who these entitled kids are. University of Austin students (a prosperous city as a result of Republican policies that has become the number one refuge of millennials escaping failing liberal states) protested a new law allowing students the right to carry a firearm on campus.

This picture below is what one of those students was dressed like.
These are the kids that want your money for their college.


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