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When Hillary Clinton was ahead of Trump after the DNC and the faux “Khantroversy,” the mainstream media constantly brought up every poll saying Trump was doomed. Now on August 30th, Trump is ahead of Clinton in several polls.


Clinton spent tens of millions to get where she is in the polls (RCP average 45%) while Trump spent about $4,000,000. Meanwhile, the MSM is allied with Hillary, as wikileaks has confirmed:

Rather than informing voters to enrich democracy, the mainstream media has developed a feedback loop between support for particular candidates and the political agenda they intend to support. The freedom of the press is necessary for a democracy to function. This freedom was subverted by the DNC at the consent of the mainstream media outlets. Instead of remaining autonomous, they allowed themselves to be manipulated by the DNC to back Clinton’s coronation as theDemocratic presidential nominee.

Some of the emails released show both CNN and Politico had articles pre-approved by the DNC prior to publication. Politico reporter Ken Vogel had DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda look over an article before he sent it to editors as part of an agreement. Politico has since called Vogel’s actions “a mistake.”

In May 2016, CNN published an anti-Sanders Op-Ed by Maria Cardona, who had had it pre-checked by the DNC before publication. In addition to the emails released by Wikileaks, The Intercept reported in May 2016 that they obtained emails showing CNN published an anti-Sanders Op-Ed ghostwritten by a lobbyist under Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s name that they had received from a Clinton SuperPAC.

CNN’s Jake Tapper was also implicated. DNC staff discussed in emails, “if we want to offer Jake Tapper questions to ask us” after Tapper’s producer Jason Seher asked what DNC Hispanic Media Director Pablo Manriquez wanted to talk about on the show. Manriquez eventually resigned over DNC staff pushing him to break impartiality. Tapper insists the emails show no wrongdoing on his part, but the rhetoric among DNC staff makes it seem as though it was a standard procedure to write their own questions for CNN interviews.


But besides all of this, Trump pulled ahead in several key “battlegrounds” and nationally.

On CNN and FOX, the only two networks that this author bothers even looking at, the polls no longer matter if Trump is ahead. Why?

“It’s a crazy election cycle.”




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