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Hillary gave a speech to the American Legion while Trump spoke with the Mexican President, but to those who watched her speech they wondered why the Secretary of State spoke with such filthy hair.


Hillarys’ dirty hair is leading experts to question her health, while Twitter responds:

How do I assist my elderly mother showering and washing her hair?

My mom will be 82 this month. She is very weak from severe fibromyalgia, COPD and arthritis. She used to be very clean and concious of her appearance, but the pain has made showers a huge undertaking. We did get a walkin shower installed to make it easier for her. But, it has gotten to the point that I can’t get her to shower more than once every 3 weeks. I feel so very guilty about this. I don’t know how insistent I should be. Because of her pain, it doesn’t seem right to be stern with her. But, as a result, she has developed sores on her bottom. She wears Depends and is good about changing them frequently. But, since she rarely gets out of bed, except to go to the bathroom and to eat dinner with me, the blood circulation on her bottom isn’t good so it’s not healing. I have taken her to her doctor-who referred her to a wound specialist. That doctor prescribed ointment and movement to get the blood circulating….so much easier said than done! If anyone has dealt with this issue, PLEASE give me some tips. Now, they are scheduling a home visit and I am so worried they think I am neglecting my mom. I’m not, I promise! I keep a clean house, I insure she eats her meals and we are close. So, ultimately, I need to get her up and around more frequently AND help her to shower/wash her hair weekly, at least. I am beginning to wonder if I should literally get in the shower with her to help her out. She injured both of her rotator cuffs 20 years ago and it is very difficult for her to wash her hair…she can’t raise her arms up very high. Ok, so to be very frank: I am VERY stressed about getting in the shower with her….it will definately affect her self esteem and it just seems wrong to invade her privacy like that. Please, does anyone have insight that might help me? I love my mom so much…and the LAST thing we want is for her to be placed somewhere. I know she would just give up if that happened. It is breaking my heart to see my mom age and become so weak..she was such a vibrate, independant lady! Ultimately, how do I improve her quality of life?? For those of you who have read through my ramblings, thanks so much for your time ūüôā






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