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A massive coup in Mexico occurred: Donald Trump has entered the southern neighbor of the USA to discuss with the leader of Mexico the current NAFTA deal, and the wall.


The President of Mexico agrees with Trump: The border must be transformed.


Again, Prntly has been proven correct with out earlier source that confirmed that the discussion would focus on the wall and drug trafficing: (SOURCE)


Why would a Mexican president negotiate with a candidate for office, not the President? Simple, Trump could be the President, and the Mexican economy relies heavily on US investment and aide.


Do not be surprised if they reach an accord: the Mexican President could pay for the wall if President Trump offers assistance in fighting the drug war occurring in the north of Mexico by drug cartels and drug lords.

The wall itself may be cheaper than realized, with the prices of concrete and gasoline decreasing rapidly.


They discussed NAFTA and the wall, as well as drug smuggling issues where they found common ground.



Sources: today Trump and Mex Prez are discussing the wall and joint enforcement of drug laws

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