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If trump wins the presidency there would be a global market crash of epic proportions the day after. But he would never win. His odds of winning were next to impossible. Huffington post swore this. Washington post swore it. New York times swore it. The experts at real clear politics and supposed guru Nate Silver swore it. They were all wrong.
Trump Won by a landslide. And the markets have sky rocketed. What’s worse, after this win the only violence is that of Hillary supporters rioting in the streets and smashing windows of hard working business owners. So who was wrong? The entire media.
In fact, Prntly was the only outlet to predict a trump victory, and came closer to how he won than any other media outlet in the world.
The dow Jones has hit an all time record high. And investors are more excited than they have been in twenty years.
Here’s a full list of things the MSM got wrong:
Liberal Fear: “If Donald Trump wins, he’ll lead us into war!”
REALITY: “Within 48 hours of Trump’s election, Russia and Syria both announced their desire for peace with the United States.”

Liberal Fear: “If Donald Trump wins, women will lose their standing and have no future or opportunities.”
REALITY: “The first woman in American history to successfully manage a presidential campaign was Trump’s campaign manager.”

Liberal fear: “If Donald Trump wins, we can no longer call ourselves a land of opportunity who welcomes immigrants.”
REALITY: “An immigrant is the first lady of The United States. (Guess it pays off coming here legally)”

Liberal Fear: “If Donald Trump wins, we have to fear for our safety.”
REALITY: “The only danger to public safety is the mob of anti-Trump protesters, rioting in the streets.”

Liberal Fear: “If Donald Trump wins, the economy will crash irreparably!”
REALITY: “Days after his election, the DOW has hit record highs, and the dollar is at multi-decade high against the Chinese RMB. (More than 6.8 RMB -1 USD)

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