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Donald Trump has a lot of Huge plans for the United States now that he’s in office. One of the most exciting ones is his plan to abolish the Department of Education. Here’s what he’s said on the issue:
“A lot of people believe the Department of Education should just be eliminated. Get rid of it. If we don’t eliminate it completely, we certainly need to cut its power and reach. Education has to be run locally. Common Core, No Child Left Behind, and Race to the Top are all programs that take decisions away from parents and local school boards. These programs allow the progressives in the Department of Education to indoctrinate, not educate, our kids. What they are doing does not fit the American model of governance.
I am totally against these programs and the Department of Education. It’s a disaster. We cannot continue to fail our children–the very future of this nation.”
The education department was created in 1979 through the Department of Education Organization Act passed by Congress. The department’s main functions include administering federal assistance to schools and enforcing federal education laws. It’s a new agency, as anyone over 40 could tell you, and not a necessary department at all.

It seems President Trump does indeed have the constitutional ability to shutter the department for good, assuming he has the support of Congress. And with the gop in total control, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t have their support. Let’s go Mr. President.

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