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New Hampshire liberal Hillary Clinton canvasser Kat Dillon posted a picture on twitter of her and another Hillary supporter desecrating the grave of womens’ suffrage campaigner Susan B. Anthony today.



Conservatives took to twitter to quickly denounce radical Kat Dillon over the action. Kat says in the tweet “@HillaryClinton Susan B. never stopped fighting. With your inspiration neither will we!”

It’s disputable whether Susan B. Anthony would have been a democrat though. It was the Republican Party which Susan B. Anthony allied with, and her other major work was none other than pushing forward the Temperance movement, successfully paving the way to alcohol bans in New York, and laying the groundwork for what would become prohibition.

She was also highly against  a Federal Income Tax, of which the first (although temporarily at first until forty years later) US Income Tax was established to pay for the civil war efforts.

Here’s a link to her twitter. Let her know what America thinks of such a desecrating act.






Take a look too at the video of an interview with Donald Trump on Syria also:


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