Investigation: Trump wins election, creepy clown sightings plummet: Coincidence?

Donald Trump won the Presidential election, and now the fall reports of “Creepy Clowns” have all but vanished.   Google Searches under the “News” category shows fewer and fewer articles and reports of the clowns have appeared.   Via Google Trends:       Our analysis? The clown “hysteria” was […]

GEORGE SOROS MONEY: The Far Left Elite Are Planning The Biggest Violent Political Riot In United States History For Inauguration Day

On Facebook and Twitter, the hashtag “DisruptJ20” is already generating an immense amount of circulation. This movement is very well funded, and they have already produced some very disturbing leftist Nazi-Like propaganda videos promoting the upcoming violent inauguration protest. One of the many Facebook pages that is attempting to recruit rioters for […]