Argentinian PM Calls Out Fake US Media Stories On Trump Call, Proves Media Is Full of Shit

Argentine President-elect Mauricio Macri speaks to the press at the Olivos presidential residence in Buenos Aires, where he arrived to meet outgoing president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to define the transition, on November 24, 2015. Argentina's new pro-market president-elect Mauricio Macri on Monday promised deep change in Latin America's third-biggest economy and urged unity after his runoff election win on Sunday. AFP PHOTO / JUAN MABROMATA / AFP / JUAN MABROMATA

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Today the fake Main Stream Media announced that Trump asked him for  favor when he called to congratulate him on his US Presidential win. The favor allegedly was that Trump wanted government streamlining of a building project he had in Buenos Aires. The liberals of course spread these lies like wild fire, and the leftist Argentinian journalist who wrote the story conveniently didn’t cite sources on the matter. Now both Trump and the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri called out these stories as lies of the fake media.

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Reporter Will Carless in Buenos Aires tweeted that Macri’s spokesman told him that the La Nacion was not true and that Trump did not ask about his project during the call with Macri.


President-elect Donald Trump’s spokesman also denied Monday that Trump sought a business favor when that nation’s president called to congratulate him on his Nov. 8 election victory.

“Not true,” Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller told USA TODAY in an email.

Once again the liberal media regurgitates fake news.


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