Liberal Colleges just gave 147498 foreigners high paying jobs right before Trump gets sworn in

Liberal Universities are no friends of America, despite being funded by your taxpayer money. Even “Private” colleges get tuition primarily though Federally Funded Student Loans, and they’re doing America no favors.   Case in point, a study by the Institute of International Education: By 2016, the universities worked with companies […]

No White House Press Corps? Trump’s tweets, recent interviews suggest he may leave media in the cold

Goodbye DC Press Corps, hello all Youtube interviews and Matt Drudge. Trump’s attacks on CNN tonight shows that he is not pleased with the MSM coverage, especially since Matt Drudge has been classified as “Russian Propaganda” and CNN is calling the President elect “false” about valid questions over voter fraud. […]

Media ignores the Deplorables: Tenn. wildfire forces evacuation of cities, homes ruined [VIDEO]

The Tennessee Wildfires are blazing out of control, with other south eastern states suffering. But the media is ignoring the plight of “Deplorables” to focus on Jill Stein’s recount.   Here’s a shocking video:   Save our beautiful mountains ?#Gatlinburg — Everything TN (@Everything_TN) November 29, 2016   Now […]