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EWWWWWWWWWWW. Kelloggs Employees have been turning your cereal into something from an adult German film.

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A video online has surfaced revealing a man urinating on the line for cereal to be dumped on at the Kellogg’s plant in Memphis, Tennessee. The disgusting video resurfacing after being originally aired in March, along with the boycotting of Kellogg’s by conservatives and Republicans, is destroying Kellogg’s stocks.

The stocks tumbled Wednesday after their surprise announcement that they would pull advertising from conservative outlets. In response conservative publishing outlets have called for a kellogg’s boycott.


Here’s the actual video itself from the original publishing.  See for yourself.


Republicans Nationwide Are Tossing Their Kellogg’s Cereal; Stocks Plunge On NYSE


Republicans across the country are trashing their Kellogg’s cereal after the controversial and failing cereal company trashed it’s advertising for conservative and pro-Trump companies or media publishers on Wednesday. The move has prompted a nationwide boycott of kellogg’s cereal by conservatives across the country.

meanwhile, Kellogg’s stocks plunged on the stock exchange throughout the day after the announcement.

the company has entered full panic mode now, but the damage seems to already have been done.

Breitbart leads the charge for the boycott after the company yanked it’s advertising from the News site.


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