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ISIS is deploying an unusual tactic in the fight to keep their prize city of Mosul; wooden tanks to divert attention from US fighter jets. The wooden tanks are supposed to cause jets to use their bomb load on the decoys.

US jet strikes have pulverized the Islamic state in the last two years since the bombing campaign began. The air strikes have destroyed the Islamic State’s capability to operate an effective government over their caliphate, and halted their blitzkrieg-like offensive in Syria and Iraq.


This video below by BBC News shows the brutality of fighting for Mosul with the Islamic state, and the house to house fighting to retake the city.

The battle has now gone on for almost 2 months as the Iraqi army has struggled or inched towards Isis’ largest city under their control. As seen below the fighting is only now in the suburbs, having not yet reached the center sections of the city.



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