TRIGGERED: Watch Colbert throw a tantrum vs Trump fans, #pizzagate amid rumors he may be replaced

Language warning. Stephen Colbert, the unfunny clown who made his career on Comedy Central mocking conservatives has been triggered. In an emotional outburst on his show, he damned Alex Jones, Michael Flynn, and the #PizzaGate conspiracy theory.     Rumors are now circulating that Colbert may be replaced soon, according […]

Uncovered Documents confirm: The Liberal Mainstream Media fell for KGB Russian Propaganda

While liberals bash conservatives for an alleged “Russian conspiracy,” history just confirmed that liberals fell for Soviet Propaganda, and it hurt America’s foreign relations to this day.   But the liberals have been dupes for the Soviet Union since the 1920s, when New York mainstream reporters said things like “I […]

Watch: Obama urges soldiers to “question” Donald Trump and ignore his orders during terror speech

So much for uniting the Country. Barack Obama told military cadets and soldiers to “ignore” and “question” President Trump when he assumes the role of Commander in Chief in January.   He urged soldiers to disobey the President’s commands if they are “ill considered,” which could lead to a military […]

Breaking: Jill Stein’s recount game just proved that Trump won fair and square, donors want $ back

Should Donald Trump send Jill Stein a “green” Christmas Card for proving that the Russians did not “manipulate” the election, as many left wing media outlets insist? One high profile Trump supporter says so:     Thank you @DrJillStein for removing the future Media argument that Russian Hackers stole the […]