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Is being liberal a mental disorder, or is it a “carte blanche” to attack people with mental problems? Mayor DeBlasio’s biggest liberal ally on the city council has been “bullying” according to a lawsuit


An autistic former aide to Vincent Gentile, a Liberal Democrat NYC Councilman allegedly harassed his employee, a 28 year old with autism, by using “cellar tactics” and decapitating his stuffed bear.


NY News:


A legislative aide who has Asperger’s Syndrome endured so much humiliation working in Brooklyn City Councilman Vincent Gentile’s office — including decapitated teddy bears left on his desk — that he had to quit, a $10 million lawsuit alleges.

Michael Bistreich, Gentile’s former legislation and budget director, claims he was “subjected to degrading and humiliating discrimination because he is autistic” during his nearly two-and-a-half years with the pol.

The discrimination in Gentile’s Bay Ridge office was perpetrated by Gentile “and his senior staff, including (former chief of staff John) Mancuso,” the suit, filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, charges.

“I put my heart and soul into working there and doing my best on everything and it didn’t matter,” Bistreich, 28, told the Daily News. “The only thing that mattered was what they felt about me for being different.”

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