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Is Russia laughing yet? Is ISIS?

Now a famed Military Academy is putting away the hard lessons of war, for the colorful lessons of liberal politics, giving students coloring books to doodle pictures of Donald Trump to “relieve stress.”


Shell shock, PTSD, and other horrors of war must not compare to a free and fair election’s result.


Oddly enough, the military stands to benefit under Trump, as he was far less likely to talk in bellicose “nation building tones” like Clinton, Obama, or George W Bush.

Washington Free Beacon


The Virginia Military Institute, the first state-sponsored military college in the country founded in 1839, offers a “stress busters” program to provide students with yoga classes to “unwind and relax.”

“Beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year, the Cadet Peer Educators (CPEs) will merge with cadet government under the Cadet Equity Association’s (CEA) Training and Education branch. As such, the formerly known CPEs are now members of CEA,” according to a screenshot taken from the school’s website. “All CEA trained educators are nationally certified through the BACCHUS™ network to assist with new cadet development, education/prevention programs, and individual peer support for a broad range of topics such as stress management, alcohol and tobacco, interpersonal relationships, bystander intervention, and suicide prevention. Trained peer educators are interviewed, selected, trained and advised by Cadet Government and the Center of Cadet Counseling.”

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