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It’s official.As of 1:45PM Eastern, Donald Trump will be the next President, and the “Hamilton electors” are in tears as their sad campaign collapses before their eyes.  The only “Faithless elector” so far has been in Maine. His name? David Bright. And it wasn’t him not voting for Trump, it was a Hillary Delegate who voted for Bernie. Yikes.

At 1:10, NC, FL, OH, and the other “swings” went to Trump:1:10 p.m.

Electors from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio and Louisiana have given Republican Donald Trump 134 of the 270 electoral votes required to formally win the presidency.

The new total includes 20 votes from Pennsylvania, 18 from Ohio, 15 from North Carolina and eight from Louisiana.

Democrat Hillary Clinton has 43 electoral votes, including 29 from her home state of New York.

She won the national popular vote in the Nov. 8 election, and protesters rallied at state capitols around the country against Trump’s expected victory in the Electoral College Monday.

Trump is poised to win 306 of the 538 electoral votes under the state-by-state distribution of electors used to choose presidents since 1789. 

Kansas cast their votes for the critical edge”Wisconsin:  Note: The Colorado electors saying they’d never vote for Trump made recent news. But, since Clinton won the Mountain High State, the elector would have voted for Hillary regardless.Summed up by our friend Valerie Berk:

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