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Trump groups across America are being hacked, not through high science, but through scams.


Now it appears several liberals are infiltrating Trump groups by copying profiles and asking friends to let them become administrators, thereby taking control and shutting down Trump groups.


It’s happened several times over the year, but now it’s going viral, and people have no idea how to stop it.


One group, Trump-Made in America, had 120,000 fans, until the owner of the site, a fireman in Washington, let a “hot girl” become an admin. Then at 3am, the Macedonian girl decided to take over the group as the firemen and friends slept.


The result?
They were all banned.


They formed back up with a new page, but it wasn’t the same:


Here’s what you do.

Facebook Help Team

Hi Cadabra,

If you or another admin thinks they’ve been hacked, you can report that here:…

It’s also possible that one of the other admins removed you. The best thing you can do is reach out to another admin and ask them to add you back. You can learn more about this here:…


Almost all the facebook accounts are being duplicated. Do not ? accept a 2nd invitation with my name. I don’t have two profiles!!!!!!
Copy and paste on your wall.

To stop it, make sure any facebook friend that you don’t know in person, that you’re running a website or group with, has your telephone number. A spoofer can’t steal your number. If something suspicious comes up, they can call you.




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