Obama’s farewell: North Korea set to get nukes that can hit US by 2017 says bombshell report

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(DISTURBING VIDEO FOLLOWS) North Korea just went from a crazy dictatorship full of torture and fit for satire to a nuclear armed state, according to a bombshell new report, and sources close to NBC have confirmed their intention.

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The dictatorship’s nuclear policy is nothing new, but it shows that doing nothing is letting this cancer grow out of control.




Defector: North Korea Expects To Have Nuclear Weapons Within A Year

He comments followed President-elect Donald Trump’s words that the U.S. would look to “strengthen and expand” its nuclear capability.

It was Thae’s first appearance with the media since escaping his post in London and taking refuge in South Korea in July, CNN noted.

Meanwhile, NBC News reports a senior North Korean official said his nation is targeting mainland America with a nuclear weapons program it will not give up.


Share this story the media does not want you reading

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