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Lawmakers and intelligence groups are getting outraged at Obama. He still hasn’t proved the “official” claim that Russia hacked the election, and many now see him as a liar.


Why would he expel 35 diplomats?


What purpose would this serve? If he’s lying, and threw out 35 diplomats, he had no reason to. He might not be able to salvage his party as the Democrats face extinction, like the Whig Party. The mainstream loser press is following them, as they call Conservative blogs “fake news” and try to pressure tech giants to silence conservative news which is killing their profits and making internet millionaires daily.

Obama kicks out 35 Russian Diplomats because he wasn’t invited to Syrian Peace talks


The Hill:

The House Intelligence Committee earlier this month demanded a briefing on the subject but was rebuffed by intelligence leaders, who said they will not brief Congress again until the completion of the report for the White House.

Journalists have also pushed for more documentation.

Vice journalist Jason Leopold and Ryan Shapiro, a Ph.D. candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the office of the director of national intelligence seeking records pertaining to Russian interference.

And even Trump’s transition team has said the White House should provide definitive proof to back up its claims.

“If the CIA Director [John] Brennan and others at the top are serious about turning over evidence … they should do that,” Trump aide Kellyanne Conway said earlier this month. “They should not be leaking to the media. If there’s evidence, let’s see it.”

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