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Putin just humiliated Obama in the funniest possible way: forbidding the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize a seat at the table for negotiations on the Syrian Ceasefire. Trump has been welcomed.


Tucker Carlson breaks it down:

The three proposed sub-states would be regionally autonomous and nominally remain under the power of a federal administrative system. This federal system would retain Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in the beginning, before a less divisive figure took the helm. Assad’s religious sect, Shiite Alawites, would remain in charge of the federal system and have their own zone of influence under the terms of the deal.

Russia reportedly does not plan on involving the U.S. and its allies until the later stages of the talks.
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“It’s a very big prize for them if they can show they’re out there in front changing the world,” the UK’s former ambassador to Moscow told Reuters. “We’ve all grown used to the United States doing that and had rather forgotten that Russia used to play at the same level,” he continued.


Putin’s Big Syria Play Leaves Kerry And Obama Flapping In The Wind

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