Breaking: Trump declares war on Obama, asks for list of employees Obama appointed

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Donald Trump’s transition team just asked the Obama administration for a list of employees that have been working on climate change, terrorism, and gun control.

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This comes after the news that Obama said Trump would lose in an election to him., and after Obama sanctioned Russia for alleged hacks.


Is Trump ready to drain Obama’s swamp?




The inquiries began earlier this month when transition team members submitted 74 questions to the Energy Department regarding climate change and other policy issues, including two about staffers who worked on President Obama’s climate agenda.

Energy officials have pledged to cooperate with the incoming Republican administration but didn’t provide the staffers’ names. The transition team hastily struck the questions, but not before a storm of criticism.

Max Stier, founding president of the Partnership for Public Service, which started the nonpartisan Center for Presidential Transition, told that both sides handled the matter “appropriately” but that the personnel questions were “unusual and unsettling.”

“Career employees are responsible for executing the policy directives the president sets,” Stier told “You don’t hold people accountable for the policies set by people elected by the American public. That’s just wrong.”

Share this story the media does not want you reading

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