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Obama should have a new nickname for the history books: Bloody Barack. In President Obama’s first term in office, the United States committed 20,000 Air strikes around the world in over half a dozen countries.
President Obama broke a record for launching an air strike on average every 1.30 hours of his time in office.
It gets worst. In 2015 alone, Obama dropped 23,000 bombs across the middle east.
In 2016, the number was 26,171 bombs that Obama dropped in that year alone. This already puts a record of president Obama dropping more bombs on more separate countries than any other president in American history. Lastly, he is the first president to have the US at war for every single day that he resided in office. His legacy is destruction, bloodshed, and mass murder. Hopefully Trump’s policy of America first and non intervention leads to less bloodshed abroad.

The Guardian wrote an article calling it an end to Obama’s Bloody reign.

Ron Paul took a swipe at it on twitter.


Strangely radical islamic terrorism is stronger than ever, with a radical islamic state larger and more powerful than ever before. And yet Nobel peace prize winning Barack Obama was at war for every single day he sat in office. That was a first in us history. So much for your legacy, Obama. Caliphate and mass warfare in the world.

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