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Liberals are cursing Trump for scaling back the regulations and tax the rich policies that have soaked the wealth out of the once industrial heartlands of America.

Places like the Packard Plant, the largest abandoned factory on earth, litter American Democrat Party Strongholds



Trump has already saved and created thousands of jobs since being elected, and he hasn’t even taken office yet. This is a tremendous feat in places like Michigan, where hundreds of thousands of jobs have left the state that once prospered as an industrial capital of the world.

But why do Liberal cringe and cry?

If a corporation moves to Mexico, it will pay 0% taxes having no longer been here, and hundreds or thousands of Americans lose their jobs. If the corporation stays and pays 2%, 1% or even 0% in taxes, and employs hundreds or thousands of Americans, isn’t that an improvement? America is bleeding to death as it loses industry and wealth every year. We have to stop the bleeding.

Even better, Trump’s tax plan for American workers will have a majority of the US work force paying close to 0% in taxes on their income as well. Taxes on income are proven to be bad economics.

So why do liberals want their economic poverty to spread?

Here’s a look at Trump’s tax plan for American workers and employers. Also for fun we’ve added the Sanders plan into the mix.

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