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People are posting hearts on facebook. Why?


Let’s look shall we?


The real reason is blowing people away and everyone was wondering, but now, they will know.
Yes, they are learning why, and people are flabbergasted.


They’re stunned. They can’t believe it.


Why? Why hearts? Why no explanation?


Why on earth is this HAPPENING?

What in tarnation?


Yes, they are posting hearts.


But here’s the reason why.


Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY!



It’s another chain letter thing. They want you to post one for breast cancer awareness. Nope. Don’t get me wrong, I support cancer awareness of any kind, BUT, I will NOT support those damn chain letters.


Instead of posting a silly heart, go donate to the Pink Cross or the Breast Cancer awareness foundation. The victims will thank you, it’s better to be ACTIVE than be aware. People know it exists. A stupid heart isn’t changing ANYTHING.



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