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Muslims across the arab world, fed up with a decade of bombing and destabilization under Obama that led to the rise of ISIS, came by the thousands to social media to defend Donald Trump and decry Meryl Streep for her hypocrisy.

Comments from across the world came out in droves against Streep, defending Trump.
Comments were swift



In President Obama’s first term in office, the United States committed 20,000 Air strikes around the world in over half a dozen countries.
President Obama broke a record for launching an air strike on average every 1.30 hours of his time in office.
It gets worst. In 2015 alone, Obama dropped 23,000 bombs across the middle east.
In 2016, the number was 26,171 bombs that Obama dropped in that year alone. This already puts a record of president Obama dropping more bombs on more separate countries than any other president in American history.

Strangely, President Obama also pulled troops out of the middle east where they were actually sought at by the Iraqi Government, and ignored Iraq as it slowly deteriorated again, giving rise to ISIS.

Under no other president in US History has there been such a powerful jihadist anti-American Islamic State that was actively at war with the US.



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